Obedience & Behavioral Training

So…you want a better dog? I would think that if the family dog was perfect, you wouldn’t want a better dog. If the family dog was less than perfect I would think that you would want to make it better. Of course “better” takes work, so if you just lower your standards of expectations you can also have a “better” dog.

Actually it’s not that hard to have a better dog without having to accept less. There are only two
thing that matter. One, buy better! Two, train better!

First, buy better, which starts with “No Money Down” does not make it free! (just think how much they will cost to feed and medically care for, not to mention all the additional Christmas gift needs!) Second, training better starts simply meaning all dogs are individual, so all dogs need to be handled and trained differently. Dogs have a genetically inclined personality traits, (Nature), that will develop into more hardened and pronounced behaviors as the dog matures. We, the handlers, need to keep training simple, (for the both of us), help develop the good traits that our pet has, and when necessary help keep character faults for becoming aggressive behavioral problems (Nurture).

Want the Facts? Okay, here’s the truth, and nothing but the truth when it comes to our very special family member, the dog.

  1. Mankind has had a relationship with the dog for 500,000 years.
  2. Dogs are older than Mankind.
  3. There are bad dogs out there in nature.
  4. There are good dogs badly placed in some human homes. For example, some dogs
    cannot be made comfortable with a young child’s hugs, but would be wonderful in a home without that
    age groups energies.
  5. There are good dogs, living in wonderful situations, but are still “less than perfect”
    pets. This is due to less than perfect communication skills between them and us. (“they are not little
    people trapped in fur coats.”)
  6. Nurture can help Nature!

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