FREE Training Evaluation & Consultation

Bob “MuttMaster” Warren is a nationally recognized expert in dealing with and training the aggressive and difficult dog.

Flexible Scheduling

Life is busy and hectic, at Mutt Masters we work around individuals in order to not only make their mutts happy but their masters as well.

Ranch Style Boarding

The way nature intended- Open spaces, fresh air, sunshine and shade! What more could your dog ask for?

Like many small professional businesses, the quality or reputation of that business often comes down to the staff. Although no business, no matter how hard it tries, can ever please everyone, we work very hard to bring a quality dog training school to the greater Colorado area.

Mutt Masters is a talented dog school that is balanced in it’s approach to teaching, and with a code of ethics that will meet and exceed your standards. Although we are continually improving ability and professionalism, we welcome any comments and feedback, good or bad, that you provide us. Sometimes the only way you know something is astray, is when you are fortunate enough to receive negative feedback and constructive criticism.

Our teaching objective is to bring “Balance” into the field of dog training. “Balance” is a blending of understanding the “Human-Canine Companion Bond” with an efficient method of communicating to our pet what we require. We feel a behaviorist without the ability to effectively teach an owner how to “lead”, or a dog trainer without the knowledge of an animals’ natural behaviors, will lack a “balanced” approach in the “teaching/learning” relationship. Contact us if you would like to learn more and get started today!